DPI Closure Relief

We are saddened to hear the tragic news of the closure of the DPI plant, a long standing cornerstone of our community. As a trusted financial partner, we stand ready to assist employees, their families and all those impacted by this unfortunate development.

Wolverine State Credit Union is dedicated to the well-being of our members and here to help you navigate through this difficult time. We are committed to supporting the affected individuals and their families and prepared to find the right solutions.

Our team is available to provide personalized support to those navigating this difficult period. We have certified financial counselors on staff to help create budgets, manage expenses, set up necessary accounts and more. Financial counseling is offered to our members free of charge.

Our loan officers can guide you through our financial relief options including free skip-a-pays. This program for consumer loans and credit cards allows members to skip loan payments to alleviate the financial pressures during difficult times. We also offer income replacement loans to help bridge the income gap. Income replacement loans can have terms up to 24 months with 0% apr for the life of the loan. Please contact our loan department to learn more about the financial relief options available. Some restrictions may apply.

The closure of DPI will have a significant impact on many individuals and families who have relied on it for their livelihoods. Our hearts go out to everyone affected. At Wolverine State Credit Union, we believe in the resilience of our community and are committed to standing by you in times of need.

We’ve compiled a checklist to help members navigate this transition. View the checklist here.