The Debit Card Program is designed to simplify our basic share draft account. Instead of writing a check, you can use your debit card and your checking will be automatically debited for the amount of your purchase. Our debit cards carry the MasterCard logo so they are widely recognized and accepted at merchants worldwide. Your debit card can also be used at ATM machines to get cash from your savings or checking accounts.

Remember to choose credit when making your debit card purchase. Choosing credit secures your purchases because a signature is required to complete your transaction. If you would like to dispute charges on your debit card, please find the debit card dispute form here: Dispute Form.

If your ATM/DEBIT cards are lost/stolen after  hours you can call 1-888-241-2510 or for international you can call 909-941-1398 (COLLECT)

Debit Card Application

Debit Disclosures