Fee Schedule

Overdraft (NSF) Charge$25.00
Courtesy Pay (non-return fee)$25.00
Returned Deposit Item Fee$20.00
Copy of Paid Draft$3.00
Stop Payment (ACH & Draft)$10.00
Share Draft (checkbook) Balancing$10.00
Account/Transaction Research Fee$20.00 per hour (min. $10.00)
Account History (one free per month)$1.00 for additional copies
Non-Member ATM Transaction Fee$3.00
ATM/Debit/Credit Replacement Cards$5.00
Re-Issue PIN Number$5.00
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee$5.00
Cashier's Check$1.00
Collection of Utilities$0.00 - $2.50 (varies based on utility)
Dormant Account Fee (monthly)$2.00
Garnishment/Levy Processing Fee$30.00
Escheat Fee$100.00
Wire Transfer (outgoing)$10.00
Notary Services (fee for non-members only)$10.00
Signature Guarantee for Non-Members$50.00
Non-Receipt of Paid Taxes (90 days past due)$25.00
Non-Receipt of Homeowner's Insurance $25.00

As you can see from the new Fee Schedule, an added benefit of the partnership between Besser and Thunder Bay Area Credit union was the lowering and elimination of many of our fees.

For example: The Overdraft Transfer Fee from Savings Account, Overdraft Transfer Fee from Line of Credit, and the Negative Share Fee have been eliminated, We figure it’s your money and you shouldn’t be charged to use it.