How to Deposit a Check on Mobile Banking

Deposit a check right into your account from the comfort of your home with Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). RDC is a feature on our mobile banking app that gives members the capability to deposit a check electronically. Watch our “how to” video series called Wolverine Wisdom to learn how easy it is to deposit a check on our mobile banking app.

Deposit a Check on Mobile Banking in 7 Easy Steps

  1. Open mobile app & log in
  2. Select “Move Money” then select “Check Deposit”
  3. Register to use check deposit.
  4. Once registration is approved, log back in, select “move money” then select “check deposit”
  5. Select “Deposit Your Check.” See the rules & tips and select “continue”
  6. Type in amount you are deposit and take a photo of the front & back of the check
  7. Select the account you wish to deposit the check into and hit SUBMIT!

See Video Tutorial HERE