enroll in eStatements

Tired of a mailbox cluttered with paper statements? Enroll in eStatements and you can access any of your statements at anytime by logging into your online banking.

Not only is it easy and convenient to use, but we also PAY members $.50 per statement when enrolled in eStatements.

If you are already active on our online banking platform, follow these 5 steps to enroll:
1. Log into your online banking
2. Select “Member Services” on the top menu
3. Select “eStatement”
4. Select “Enrollment Preferences”
5. “Enroll” into eStatements!

We created a how-to video to help you enroll in eStatements from your mobile app. To check out our How to Enroll in eStatements video, see below.

If your online banking is not active, simply call a member service representative at 989-356-6508 and ask for your online banking to be activated. You can even ask the representative enroll you right on the spot!

Once your online banking is activated, you will have a temporary password and will need to go in and change your password and set up your security questions. To find the eStatements, go to “Member Services” at the top menu and select “eStatements.” Here, you can select to view all your statements: Credit Card Statements, Account Statements, Mortgage Statements, Receipt Analysis and Tax Statements.

It’s easy, convenient and green. Plus.. FREE MONEY. We call this a win-win-win-win.

Always reach out if you have any questions!