If you are eligible to join, follow these steps to switch your primary banking institution to Wolverine State Credit Union.

  1. Open a Wolverine State Credit union account
    Apply online today to become a member! Apply HERE.
  1. Stop using your old account
    Make sure all outstanding checks, ACH’s, and debit/credit card charges have cleared. This may take 10-15 days.
  1. Switch your Direct Deposit
    Get a direct deposit form and send it to your employer, the social security administration, or retirement company.
  1. Update your automatic payments
    Call the company and give them your new account info or sign up for Bill Pay, using online banking or the WSCU mobile app.
  1. Close your old account
    Once everything is switched from your old account, go to your old institution and fill out an account closing form.

We value your membership! Please call us with any questions or to learn more about products and services that can help save you time and money.